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3rd of June, 2021

Updated: Jun 2, 2021


by Coach Char

Psalm 23:3 "He Restores My Soul"

Start your day with purpose: Instead of jumping out of bed, into the shower, and out the door...Add meaning and purpose to your mornings. Take at least 15 minutes to sit quietly, breathe, and calm yourself. This time spent will not be the same for everyone. Some will pray, meditate, and speak daily affirmations (or declarations over their day). Others will sit quietly and use this for a time of reflection. The important thing is that you take time for yourself in the morning before everyone and everything starts to vie for your attention.

Daily Intake: Our intake of information plays a large part in what we think. Therefore, we must be mindful of the content that we ingest from social media, news, and any negative people around us. Choose books and podcasts that are aligned with your core values & beliefs. Pick information & topics that are motivational, uplifting, and educational.

Remember this…

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

~Lao Tzu


According to Faith and Health Connection, our soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. “Our mind has a conscious part and subconscious part. The conscious mind is where we do our thinking and reasoning. The subconscious mind is where we hold our deep beliefs and our attitudes”

Although there may be varying perceptions of what constitutes the soul, these principles can be applied across the board as a basis for caring for yourself and for caring for your soul.

Eat Right and Exercise: According to Dr. Herbert Benson, MD (The Benson-Henson Institute for Mind Body Medicine)...”The mind and body communicate constantly. What the mind thinks, perceives, and experiences is sent from our brain to the rest of the body.” Therefore, it is important that we take care of our bodies as well as our mind.

Protect Your Peace: We do this by being mindful of our surroundings. We should intentionally associate with positive, like-minded people who also avoid toxic behaviors. Our hearts should be protected and cared for. Of course, this does not mean walk around in fear or with walls up. It means that we set boundaries with others and with ourselves. We hold people accountable for how they treat us. We also hold ourselves accountable for setting a standard for what is acceptable and what is not.

In conclusion, the body gets most of the attention when it comes to self care. The beauty and self care industry is full of products that help a person to care for their outward appearance. However, self care of the soul may not sound as sexy, but it is a mandatory part of achieving success in bettering your quality of life.

For more information or if you or your small group would like to set up a Live Online Class, please feel free to contact me. Our sessions include workshops on increasing self awareness, finding meaning and purpose at home and at work, and learning how to achieve the work/life balance while creating the life you desire.

Coach Char

Another Level Coaching & Consulting

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